Fever-Tree and Jet Import choose AdSomeNoise as an integrated agency

Fever-Tree is the global market leader of the premium mixers category. For the next few years, the British brand wants to continue with their growth ambitions in the Benelux. To achieve that goal, Fever-Tree is going to increase its investment in brand awareness and sales through a cross-media approach.

In their search for the perfect candidate to implement this approach in the Benelux, Fever-Tree and Jet Import (the importer for the Benelux) wrote a challenging pitch. The scope was cross-medial, but with an emphasis on digital.

AdSomeNoise persuaded them by approaching the initially pure media pitch from an integrated perspective within the “added value oriented media management” philosophy. Here, not only media planning is considered but creation as well, to optimally align audience and message. Maximal and permanent. Resulting in a higher return on investment (ROI).

“We’re very glad to have won this Benelux pitch.” says Steven Verbruggen, AdSomeNoise’s managing director. “Especially since we approached the pitch from our integration model which connects creativity, technology and media.”

Markus Pichler, Regional Director for Northern & Central Europe at Fever-Tree says “AdSomeNoise convinced us with their innovative ideas and approach and we look forward to working with them on our communication campaigns in Benelux in the next years.”

With this collaboration, AdSomeNoise re-affirms its challenger role in a market where classic media and creative agencies each excel in their specializations, but with few convergences between the two.

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