AdSomeNoise and Wunderman Thompson hit the mark for Scooore

Scooore looked for and found a dedicated partner through a pitch. AdSomeNoise and Wunderman Thompson teamed up and turned out to be the perfect match for the National Lottery sports betting. Together, the agencies brought in both digital and non-digital marketing and communication!

The pregame

Since 2013, together with Wunderman Thompson, Scooore has grown into a top player in an increasingly competitive market. The brand recently went through a complete metamorphosis, with a rebranding and a new betting platform. Now, a tender was legally required for a full partnership - including media planning and purchasing which were previously part of umbrella partnerships of the National Lottery.

Wonderful one-two

Wunderman Thompson and AdSomeNoise joined forces and expertises: strategy, creation and technology, but also data-driven online marketing found each other blindly. This combination convinced Scooore to choose them together as lead agency for brand and media.

An immediate confirmation of the confidence in Wunderman Thompson for the further expansion of the brand. And at the same time a choice for reinforcement with AdSomeNoise as a smart player for creative translation, media planning and buying. The winning team will assist Scooore for the next 2 years, both online and in retail.


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